From the creator of Urban Monk:

Silent practice is so much more than not talking. More than word-fasting, it is pure revery. Heraclitus called what we find there, “The Hidden Harmony.” “The Tao,” said Lao Tzu. Moses’ “still small voice,” and Jesus’ “peace that passes Understanding,” amongst the darkest corners of culture.

I happened to have my most opening realizations of All That We Are, totally unsolicited and in a very tiny NYC apartment near the projects on W 64th. From the cocoon of that room i walked into a world of eyes that brought tears to see, each one a perfect manifestation of divinity again, again, the divine so concentrated in one space that BOOM it birthed a BODY to look out of. Ecstasy. Seeing. I’ve heard since that that’s how stars are made. Light so concentrated that it births its container, out of necessity, becomes matter. 

I’d swim through the streets, breast stroke almost, the palpability of the A I R with Presence so thick, touching my tongue and eyeballs. Filled. 

So I walked slowly. Very. Slowly. 

The city was my sanctuary. 

It did not occur to me to leave. The dumpster was the tree. And I, Nobody. Everybody. Every Thing. 

The noise of the city exactly the same as the noise in the mind. Available to be included in the infinite, like garbage in a furnace burns to become the heat, so is this with thoughts, with bar noise and vomiting on streets. Resist for a minute => hell. Include it => it serves to widen the Perfect Unity. This too. Even this, included. This part of my body, that displaced desire, that too.

I’d create a sticker “In Silence,” and go to counters in my daily, constantly changing routines, and the people would understand, rendering change, silently. They played with The Urban Monk of me.  

Your Urban Monk robe is your vehicle to transport you to your own center, to cultivate the eternal light you are. 

Your s p a c e for your Practice.

Your machine to refine BEING the change you wish to see.

Get in the hood. “In Silence” quietly across your chest. The organic bamboo threads you wear, so kind environmentally. Greet the day as Peace. 

1 Urban Monk at a time, cultivating a MOVEMENT OF STILLNESS IN THE CITIES.