Silent practice is so much more than not talking. More than word-fasting. Heraclitus called what we find there, ‘The Hidden Harmony.’ ‘The Tao,’ said Lao Tzu. It is Moses’ ‘still small voice,’ and Jesus’ ‘peace, that passes understanding.” This silence was found even amongst the darkest corners of culture.

We can’t say what we find in the silence. There are no words to match it. What we can say is how it begins. It begins with a softening, being with everything e x a c t l y as its is. Every thought that comes.

Every emotion.


Just as it is. Dissolving it into Now. 

We can “use the noise” in our practice, as medicinal fuel, fodder, to feed eternity’s flame.

( This is not metaphor but practice. Not only a practice but a description of what happens. Enrobe .)